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An exceptional
vantage point

We are located in Oñati in a privileged environment, awfully close to the city center, surrounded by both culture and nature. It is midway to the Sanctuary of Arantzazu, and really close to the Arrikrutz Cave, below the watch of the Aizkorri-Aratz natural park.

Oñati is located right in the middle of Euskal Herria, midway to every capital.


Oñati is located in the southwest of Gipuzkoa. It is part of Debagoiena along with other cities like Bergara or Arrasate. The whole city center is surrounded by a valley full of mountains and hills, hence the name. As a matter of fact, Oñati means “a place full of hills”.

Founded in the 13th century, Oñati’s city center has witnessed a long journey, until becoming the town that is today, with a strong economy and culture. Filled with plenty of monuments, such as religious buildings, Oñati is a place with a strong identity, hardened by many centuries, whose legacy can be seen in both the city center and the countryside. The town has a broad culture and sport offer: hiking, conferences, sport events, cinema, theater.


Eguneko menu bakoitzeko zigilu bat jarriko dugu, Soraluze Hotelean emandako txartel batean. 15 menu ostean, eman guri txartela eta 3 hilabetean behin egingo dugun zozketan parte hartuko duzu. (2 txartelen zozketa egingo da).

Txartel bakoitzeko Saria : Afaria + gau bat SORALUZE HOTELEAN + Gosaria (Dena 2 pertsonentzako)


Por cada menú del día pondremos un sello en la tarjeta que les entregaremos en el HOTEL SORALUZE. Después de 15 menús, entregarnoslo y tomareís parte en un sorteo que se realizará cada 3 meses (sorteo de 2 tarjetas).

El premio por cada tarjeta: Cena + Una noche en el HOTEL SORALUZE + Desayuno (Todo para 2 personas)